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Soccer is BIG in Ethiopia… and most kids in Korah LOVE to play!!  Whenever we assess a family and ask a mother what their son or daughter enjoys doing, they most always answer "Kwas" - Ball - Soccer!!  Few children in Korah own a soccer ball and there is little to no opportunity to play on an organized team, but they all identify with soccer and dream of playing.   In response to this need and this passion, De Jellum, one of our HFK team members living on the ground there began a soccer  ministry to boys living in Korah.  Over this last year he and other leaders from the Korah community, along with his wife Katie and co-workers Mark & Tammy Brandsma, have been developing this program even further and around 6 months ago his vision was expanded to  include the girls! 

Just this morning I received a poignant update from Tammy regarding this week's soccer practice: "Soccer has been a great way for us to build community a midst the pre-teen/ teens in our program, while also connecting with them over God's Word and teaching them its relevance to their day-to-day lives. This past week, I was teaching a group of 23 girls from Matt 6 re: Do Not Worry.  It's a different thing to teach from that passage to a group of kids growing up with single parents, in a slum, with long term illnesses ( i.e. leprosy, HIV).  To be honest, I was wondering a bit why God led me to that passage for them...  I mean,

who am I to tell these girls not to worry, when I don't worry about rats crawling over my head at night, nor do I have rain falling on my head in my bedroom which I share with my 5 other family members, etc.  But God taught me that the lesson there was less about not worrying and more about faith in a God who cares for us.  Do we trust Him?  Who is Jesus, and in light of His unchanging character, can we trust Him with our heart's deepest needs and fears?   I've never led girls' clubs or done much teaching of this age group, but I have loved these Sat mornings of conversation over God's Word followed by soccer with a bunch of squealing girls in skirts. :) "

And yes, both squealing and excited they have been!  These girls  are a force to reckon with on the field!  Skirts, crocs, flip flops or mismatched shoes do not stop their determination and drive to play with full vigour!  These girls take their sport seriously and are extremely competitive!  

Recently the University of the Fraser Valley Women's Soccer Team from British Columbia donated "Team Shirts," balls and equipment to the HFK Girls' Soccer Program.  Wow, were these girls excited!! THANK YOU UFV Cascades for making a difference in the lives of these girls - the self-esteem, athletic skills, sportsmanship & teamwork development as well as the sense of pride and belonging to something special IS A REAL GIFT!! 

We hope you enjoy the following photos of these beautiful GIRLS IN ACTION!! 

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And in order not to leave the boys out of this post....

Here are a few recent shots from the 
proudly wearing their jersey's donated by the 
Abbotsford Soccer Association
Thank you ASA!



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