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INCREDIBLE NEW COMPOUND for HFK Income Generation and Day Care!!

We are so happy to share with you some very exciting news!! As has happened many times over the last few years, God has blessed us above and beyond what we could imagine or think. After much prayer and doors opening; Hope for Korah has been given the opportunity to lease an incredible NEW COMPOUND that will allow us to bring together the INCOME GENERATION PROGRAM, DAYCARE, KINDERGARTEN, HFK STORE and OFFICE in one location. As we project forward into the upcoming years this is a well-suited place for growth and is a big step forward in our ministry to the children and families of Korah; it is large, hygienic, has running water, numbers of bathrooms, electric power, proper walls, floors and structure. 

As you will see in the attached photographs our old compounds are not even comparable to where we are now moving. Our rent has increased, but the end benefits are greatly

multiplied! Our annual costs have risen by $10,000 (lease) plus some renovations and one very generous donor has already given $5,000 towards this expense!! We trust God will provide the additional funds needed and hope that you might prayerfully consider partnering with us to invest in the future of Korah families.

In addition to being well-suited for present and future growth, the new compound is in an excellent location, just off the main road in Korah and one block away from the KGHC head office. The Daycare Playrooms & Kindergarten Classroom will be separate and situated on the upper level with real bathrooms - A TUB AND A SHOWER! The children will ACTUALLY BE BATHED a few times per week!! The courtyard is clean, large and beautiful and will be shared with the Income Generation Program. 

We have an exciting year ahead of us as our Ethiopian social workers have recently attended a Community Development course on forming self-governing Income Generation & Microcredit Groups AND we have a missionary family with excellent credentials and a passion for serving God moving short -term to Korah in just a few weeks!! Their main role will be to come alongside our Ethiopian leaders in this same area of program development. Stay tuned later this week, for an upcoming announcement with details concerning their involvement and imminent move!

Working together, with God's help Income Generation is the key that will bring self-reliance and break these families out of their cycle of poverty. If you would like to invest in this project and help to make this happen or would like more information, please email Eve Pohl at or see Donation Information details included with the photographs below.

This beautiful compound will now house the HFK Income Generation Program, Daycare, HFK Store & Office as well as offer us a place to conduct other programs and training for our children and families.The left  building is predominantly Income Generation housing the looms, weaving, sewing rooms, artisan craft kitchen and storage. The upper level of the building on the right as well as part of the left houses the Daycare and Kindergarten. The lower level of the building on the right will house the HFK Store, Office and Daycare Kitchen & storage.

This lovely courtyard has a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. It will be a real oasis for our families bringing dignity, tranquility and beauty into their lives. The children will be having their recesses and lunch breaks outside. Above are some of the flowers already found in the garden beds, along with two avocado trees!


Above: The largest room is on the lower level and will be home to our 2 weaving looms & rug loom, with space to add more looms in the future.

Below: This kitchen will be used by the ladies for income generation projects as well as organizing supplies. There is a separate kitchen for the HFK Daycare.

Above: This is one of two stairways in the compound. This one leads up from the looms to the sewing and crafting rooms.  The Daycare has it's own separate entrance and stairway.

Below:  Two sewing/craft rooms upstairs and bathroom.

Above: One of the sewing rooms with built in storage (similar storage in all upstairs rooms.)

Below: One of the two bathrooms that will be available for our adult family members to shower and bathe. (Separate from the Daycare & KG) This compound gives so much opportunity to teach hygiene and the means to practice it!!

Below: Is one of three separate Daycare rooms (two playrooms & one sleep room.)

Upstairs Daycare hallway - L Shaped
 (another hallway & daycare room to the right)

Separate Kindergarten Classroom with access to the Daycare.
 (Older children attend KG in the morning and DC in the afternoon.)

Separate Kindergarten bathroom.
Daycare has their own bathroom too!!
Excited that our children will have baths!!


This is the new HFK Store! 
It will soon be full of products made by our families. So exciting!


This is our current Income Generation Compound, situated near the dump with poor air quality. In addition the land is on a slant, so most of the courtyard is unusable. As you can see, it is hard to compare this to where we will be soon moving. We are so very thankful and excited for the opportunities that lie before us in the new home God has provided.

Below is our current Daycare with the Kindergarten class in the back. We have been grateful for this place but the possibilities that the new compound gives us in improved hygiene ** no dirt ** running water** real bathrooms** and an overall better facility to care for our children as well as the educational supplies used. We can't help but say it one more time "WE ARE EXCITED!!"

Working together, with God's help 
Income Generation is the key that will bring self-reliance 
and break these families out of their cycle of poverty. 


 If you would like to invest in this project 
and help to make this happen or would like more information, 
please email Eve Pohl at 
 or see Donation Information details below.