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In Honour of Mzreshe - Who Will Be Missed

It is with deep sadness that we share with you, 
the passing of one of our dear HFK family members, 
Mzreshe Zwede age 45. 

 Mzreshe was the matriarch of one of our first sponsored families 
and was the mother of six and grandmother to seven. 
She will be missed by many and especially by her 4 grandchildren
 who loved her deeply and depended on her for their daily needs and care. 
 Mzreshe's feisty spirit, strength and determination

enabled her to survive a life full of unspeakable hardship 
and to fight a long and courageous battle with illness. 

 Today she is with our Lord 
and free from tears and sickness... 
Hallelujah - she is released!

 We are genuinely grateful for her sponsors John and Joanne, 
who gave her much support and love over these last few years 
and for Rahel, Beza, Desta, Jake, the recent HFK Medical team and others 
who compassionately ministered to her during her last days. 

 Please pray for Mzreshe's family and especially 
her four young grandchildren (5 - 14yrs) whom she was raising 
and for those who will be making decisions on their behalf
in regards to future care.

Mzreshe loved her family and struggled hard
 to support them in whatever way she could

Over the last few years, she appreciated having a reprieve from the 'survival mode' that she had lived most of her life. She always loved
being valued and receiving words of  compassion & encouragement,
 as well as small gifts  from her sponsor family in Canada:


In spite of her deteriorating health, Mzreshe tried new skills
at the income generation program and settled
into knitting scarves from her home.

Mzreshe we love you and you will be missed!


  1. It has been a honor and a privilege to be a partner in your journey and your precious family and grandchildren. I just know that precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. You are now released from your suffering and troubles here on earth...Hallelujah...I loved you and your family. I will remember you......nothing could seperate you from the love of God....
    "In mansions of glory and endless delight...I'll ever adore you in heaven so bright..." what a contrast to the garbage dumps of Korah...Hallelujah. Amen.


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