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Post written by David Pohl

I first met Netsanet as she was teaching. Netsanet is our Hope for Korah (HFK) Kindergarten teacher and teaches the HFK children at our Daycare Compound. She is 22 years old. I was immediately impressed by her sweet spirit and witnessed a genuine love from her for the children. I think many Ethiopians have an innocence and gentleness in their face and Netsanet was no exception. I also had no idea that she was in a great deal of pain from breast cancer symptoms. 

The second time I met her, Netsanet walked up to us in the Daycare Compound. She had just returned from a Doctor visit regarding her possible breast cancer. I was standing next to Rahel Tamerit of KGHC and Tammy Brandsma an ER Nurse from my home town. Tammy introduced herself to Netsanet and explained that she was a nurse. Tammy asked her to explain what her

symptoms were and what the Doctor had told her. Netsanet shared with us what she knew; the breast cancer symptoms had appeared suddenly and she was prescribed a mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy. She was also prescribed morphine because the pain was severe, although I couldn’t tell she was in pain by looking at her. 

Netsanet smiled but her angelic face could not hide the hopelessness. The cost for each prescription was more than she could afford, a lot more. And each procedure was more expensive than the medicine. Tammy looked into her eyes and encouraged her to have faith and to not lose hope. “My friends have overcome this and you can too.” As Netsanet listened, she quietly buried her face into Tammy’s shoulder and wept. 

Together, we gathered around Netsanet and held her close.  All of us had tears in our eyes as Tammy prayed for God to reassure, to comfort, to lift up and to heal. I am not sure what the future holds for Netsanet. Thankfully we are able to come alongside her to help pay the costs for the tests and treatments needed. I am hopeful that she will survive this cancer. God is with us in this ministry and I believe that He is building a testimony in the life of this young woman that will be a blessing for years to come in Korah. 

Netsanet knows we are sharing her story in hopes that you will remember to pray for her in the days ahead!!



  1. Netsanet's name is going on our kitchen whiteboard and I'll be praying for her, that God would strengthen, comfort and heal, and especially give her great peace and joy. Love Michi

  2. Well God is very good, more so than we can comprehend. For Netsanet, all of our prayers were quickly answered. She was misdiagnosed and is now being treated for a severe infection. Netsanet's story will continue for a while with HFK and for that we are truly thankful. To God be all the glory in everything we do, Dave


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