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Counting down to April 14th – Next Team Leaves for Korah!

It has been a wild and crazy week as 10 young adults from New Life Church in Abbotsford, B.C. have been busy packing 22 suitcases and hockey bags full of supplies, including 6 sewing machines for our Income Generation Program,  24 bags of apple chips from the Fraser Valley Gleaners, 100 women’s health kits, and 100s of Brother Sister Friend letters & goodie bags, and so much more - all headed for Korah in just a few days!  

We have numerous plans as to how this Hope for Korah (HFK) team will serve in Korah and we appreciate your prayers over these next two weeks.  
The following are just a few of the highlights that will be unique to this group:
·        Young adults connecting with young adults – these individuals are one of the least ministered to age groups in Korah, as more often, attention is given to children or families. Many young adults in their twenties, living in Korah struggle with hopelessness as they have little education and few healthy opportunities for work, yet they have parents, siblings or children to care for, with fears and concerns that far outnumber their years. This team will be connecting in various programs and relationship building activities, designed specifically for this age group.

·        “Women’s Health Issues Day” – we will be hosting 100 women from the community of Korah with a special day of education and interactive fun, just for them – our own team of Canadian nurses and social workers will be partnering with both Ethiopian and American nurses serving in Korah.  We are excited for this day and are praying that each woman who attends will feel loved, valued and have a better understanding of their own health and who God created them to be. 

·        Hope for Korah Programs – This  team will be spending time with our HFK Families, making home visits, assessing new families and serving in many of our programs such as the Berta Breakfast “Crisis Intervention” Program, Kindergarten class, Elders’ Home for Lepers, Brother Sister Friend Party, Income Generation Program and Day Care.  Please be praying we find a suitable daycare compound to rent!
·        Leadership Retreat – Many of the leaders in Korah are young adults themselves and we will be going  away with these leaders for a short retreat to spend some quality time building relationships, encouraging and praying with these leaders.
Thank you for praying and for giving generously to fill our bags and supporting these passionate young adults to serve in Korah.  We trust God goes before us and that He has great things in store for this team and most importantly the people of Korah.

While we are in Korah, we will keep you posted and up to date on the Hope for Korah Facebook page:

To watch our NEW VIDEO of
this passionate group of
young adults serving in Korah


  1. Hey team, Clement and I arrived at the Lafto Guesthouse about one hour ago. We were greeted at the airport by our 'brothers' - Berhanu, Tiba, Pastor, Murad, Furcado and Bekele the driver. A short while later we were being greeted by Abraham. It is good to be here and we can't wait til we are altogether in this place! Dave

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