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A Rose Blooms in Korah - Guest Post by Mary Jo Garvin

The van bumped along the rocky road as we arrived in Korah. I braced myself for the sights, the sounds, the smells; the absolute poverty.  It had been nine months since I had been here, but Korah isn’t a place you easily forget.  The first moments were a blur of warm and precious welcomes. So many hugs and kisses.  I stopped for a moment to redistribute the weight of my bags. And there it was! In the middle of Korah, above a rusty torn metal fence – a rose bloomed – a single, vivid red rose.

What a contrast it seemed, a beautiful delicate flower blooming in the midst of such destitution and yet, that soon became the reoccurring theme of my visit. Amidst all of the hardships I kept finding little bits of hope and new beginnings.
Twenty-five of the most impoverished families are being sponsored. They have rent, food and their children can go to school.

The Berta program is feeding children a nutritious breakfast five days a week. One precious boy that stole my heart was added to the program while I was there. How heartwarming it

was to watch him eat breakfast that next morning.

The elderly lepers are living in a light filled airy home and each of them has a bed.  They are so delighted; over and over they expressed thanks for their home.
The Income Generation Project is providing men and women an opportunity to learn viable skills. 


As I left Korah this time it was with a sense of optimism and joy. Yes, it is still destitute and heartbreaking on so many levels.  But seeds of hope have been planted. I felt so thankful for each of you that have partnered with Hope for Korah through donations and prayer.  And I wanted to tell you that a rose is blooming in Korah.

Mary Jo served on our January 2013 Hope for Korah Team
APRIL 2013