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Brother Sister Friend Mail Delivered – Over 350 kids!!

How much fun to be able to deliver mail from one side of the world to the other!! And how much more fun when you are delivering it from one child to another!! It was such a blessing to have this opportunity and it required many hours of work by many people, not only behind the scenes in Canada, but at the scene in both Korah and the Sheshemene Boarding School. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN ETHIOPIA, CANADA AND THE U.S. WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!!

Eden is thrilled to be matched with her NEW Sister Friend Addison

Below you will see some of the photographs showing the Brother Sister Friend (BSF) party we had in Korah.  It was wild and crazy!  Over 240 children attended and I am so thankful for EVERY leader and helper that came to the party to help out… we could not have done it without you!!  There were goodie bags and letters to deliver, to translate from English to Amharic, to write from Amharic to English, NEW Brother Sister Friend cards to fill out, songs to sing, cookies and soda to give out and crowds to control… FUN! FUN! FUN!  And we were all exhausted by the end of it! :)

Further down you will also see pictures from our trip south of Addis to the Sheshemene Boarding School.  Many of these children are also matched with Brother Sister Friends and

they too were very excited to receive their new mail.  As you will see in these photos… there is quite a contrast in the surroundings as all of these Sheshemene children are also from Korah, but have been sponsored through Project 61 to attend this beautiful boarding school.  You will see in these photos what a blessing this amazing ministry is to these children.

In summary, on this weekend, it didn’t matter whether you were from Sheshemene or Korah, sponsored or not, many kids were reminded that they are important, they have a friend who cares for them, thinks of them and prays for them… Over 250 children received personal mail, but over 150 ADDITIONAL CHILDREN attended and they also want Brother Sister Friends…. SO, IF YOU OR YOUR CHURCH would like to be a part of this program PLEASE contact Erika at  WE NEED MORE BROTHER AND SISTER FRIENDS FROM U.S. OR CANADA!

ENJOY the BSF parties below… I am sure they will warm your heart!!


We had to make three trips to the Korah shop to purchase 
enough soda for everyone...throngs of children filled the pews 
and many more spilled out into the courtyard - over 240 attended!


Everyone was excited to receive mail from their BSF!

 Everyone took time to write back to their BSF 
Many needed translators -THANK YOU to everyone who helped!

Here are just a few of the 100+ additional children  
who came for the first time and filled out NEW CARDS, 
hoping they too will be matched with their own BSF


Watch the progression...

 This little girl is so excited to have her soda!

 "Good to the very last drop!!"




All the students were excited to read their letters & cards.


Emily and Berhanu help to translate and write letters in return

 Over 50 NEW kids from Sheshemene filled out cards 
and are now waiting to be matched with a BSF!

To learn more about the Brother Sister Friend program
 watch this video by clicking here

If you would like to become a 
Brother Sister Friend to someone from Korah, 
or if your School, Kids' Club or Church 
would like more information on how to become involved,
 please email Erika at

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