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150 KIDS come to Brother Sister Friend Party!!

We had an amazing Saturday in Korah, as 150 children showed up for the HFK Brother Sister Friend Party!  Many of the children received their cards and notes from friends in Canada and the U.S. while many more new children filled out the BSF Information Card in hopes of soon being matched with their own friend.  All of the Great Hope Charities leaders and volunteers were helping to translate the cards from English to Amharic and in turn, helped to write cards in English to be sent back to America.  All the while Patty, Lisa and Jeiccy were working to help children make their own cards to send to their BSF.  All of this took quite some time and we ended the party in the church with soda, cookies and party-favours.... overall it was an A+ day!!  

You can read more and check out lots of photos on the HFK Facebook page (you don't need Facebook to access it.)   As it takes a long time to upload photos when in Ethiopia, I have instead posted them in the album titled : "Brother Sister Friend Party in Korah - March 2012" on  Facebook. Be sure to check them out

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