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When walking the streets of Korah, one never knows whether the next moment will be one of joy or one of sadness. This was a moment of sadness…

Entering into a crowded compound in an area of Korah that I had never been before was beyond words - but I will try….

We stooped between the makeshift homes, the path was rocky, bumpy and I had to duck on a number of occasions, to miss being sliced in the face by a protruding tin roof. The homes were built on such rough terrain and the alleys so narrow and on an angle, I wondered how in the world Adana, crippled by leprosy and reliant on crutches could possibly make it through this maze of obstacles. For the last few days he had been too sick to make the daily trek to the shelter for lunch and he was thrilled to see us! Immediately he began praising God; singing a few lines, meekly dancing his familiar jig  and saying "The Follow Jesus People are coming - To my home! To visit ME!" and he slowly led us to his humble home…

Adana's bed was more narrow & his home more sparse than above.

‘Humble’ really isn't the right word - ‘inhumane’ is more like it. When stepping into his world; a sparse, dank and dark dwelling with two dilapidated beds, my heart sank. His bed was narrow, crooked and seemed to be barely held together, made with old weathered, leftover pieces of wood. Somehow it was standing, but it had no mattress, only a piece of cardboard and filthy rags for a blanket.

As my eyes surveyed the room, so many emotions began to well up within me. These next moments penetrated deeply and were hard to experience... In a dark, empty corner of

An earlier photo of Adana (far right) 

Adana's room, I saw a weak, elderly lady lying in a similar bed… Her face was so pale and gaunt, her eyes sunken and hollow… surely death could not be far off…. I learned she too has leprosy and has been bed-ridden for months or maybe longer… 

I turned to see Adana show the nurse who was with us, his wounded hands with open blisters; burned from the spilled, hot coffee he could not feel because of his leprosy. Then a neighbour tenderly knelt by his feet and gently began to take off his prosthetic boot. As the gruesome smell began to fill the room, it revealed a large, infected wound where his calf and stump had been rubbing against his boot. It was then I was overcome… humbly, I stepped out of the room, the poverty and pain overwhelmed me… this is so wrong…how is it possible that human beings have to live in such inhumane conditions? Morning after morning this is their reality. I struggled, but somehow kept my composure, returning to the room and then continuing on with the leaders as we next visited the home of the neighbour who so lovingly cared for Adana. 

The photos above and below are a few glimpses of her home – 11 FAMILIES live in here! It was all I could do to keep myself together... it was so bad and the beds and mattresses were so horrible... yet this meek, Christian woman without hesitation, gave of herself to care for Adana, to undress his wounds. It is so humbling… The leaders then shared with me, that it is in this very room; where the 11 families live, that the first ministry to the lepers took place. Now the lepers come daily to the Great Hope Charities Shelter for care and for lunch… but this is where it all began. 

I still can't wrap my head around it, it is so heartbreaking - no person on earth should have to live in this compound and sleep where they sleep... 

As we left, it was a long, quiet walk back to the shelter … I couldn't even speak; the tears fell as my soul cried… 

What now? Poverty strikes at so many levels, it is so huge… we cannot change the world… but we can change THEIR world. WE CAN make a difference in the lives of THESE people living in THIS compound… We could bring some dignity and a small measure of comfort to these people by providing them with beds, mattresses and blankets!! I have met with the Great Hope Charities leaders and together, we are praying that we can purchase 30-40 beds and go into that compound; take out all the old beds and replace them all with new beds, mattresses, pillows and blankets.... 

I will be back in Korah from March 26th - April 11th and I am not sure if it will happen by then – but I am praying that it will! It is only a few weeks away, but it could happen… and any gift - great or small will make a difference! 

The approximate cost of one bed with mattress is $120, one pillow & blanket is $20. 

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