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El Roi - Korah Connections

Over the last 21 months I have seen many Korah connections and relationships develop - not only personally, but between many people; some who have stepped foot into Korah and others who have not.  One of the joys of my last trip was to be the ‘special delivery’ person for over 130 people!   Isn’t that amazing? Over 130 people, of all ages, were sent personal greetings or gifts by name in my 4 over-stuffed hockey bags!   I can’t help but marvel at this and wonder “How in the world did this happen?”  Just two years ago, most of us (if not all of us)  had never heard of Korah, let alone thought about having a personal relationship with someone who lived in an urban slum, situated on the edge of a garbage dump in Africa.  “How could it be? We live thousands of miles away, in a completely different world and now - we not only know of Korah, but many of us call these people Friend, Family – Brother and Sister?”

It is incredible really… and I believe there is only one answer – El Roi!

El Roi means “God who sees me.”  In the book of Genesis, when Hagar was wandering alone in the desert, the Lord sent an angel to speak to her and after his appearance; she gave God this very personal name ‘El Roi,’ saying “You are the One who sees me.”  Genesis 16:7-12

I believe it is this same God who has formed our relationships. He sees each person on both sides of our world! God knows each person in Korah… their plight does not go unnoticed… God sees us here where we live… our struggles are known to Him - He is a God who sees!

Incredible really… that GOD THE CREATOR of all things…sees and cares…

I do believe He is the one who has established all of these Korah relationships and that He wants His message delivered – NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN… each one has a name – each one has a heart – each one is known – HE SEES!

And every time a card is written, a photograph is sent, a prayer is prayed and every time we personally act on what El Roi has prompted in our hearts, we have the privilege of participating in His seeing …

What joy to be a messenger of the One who sees!

The joy of being seen looks like this....

 Two sisters hear from their 
 Sister friends in Canada

 Christmas Greetings 
from Sponsors to their Korah Families

 Personal letters mean so much!

Denenet received a Christmas card & photos 
from her sponsor and when I visited her home
the next day, she had them hanging on her wall...

Serkalem's life has changed incredibly... she used to live in 
complete destitution.  She was so touched by the embroidered 
table cloth she received for her new home.

All ages - young and old were so excited to
receive personal news and to know they are known!

 Help with translating an English note into Amharic...

 Unexpected gifts from someone who knows our names, 
someone we have never known... until today.

Love and hugs for Korah