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Korah Bound!!

My bags are packed and today I am off  to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas (Jan.7th) a few days late, with all of our Hope for Korah Sponsored families and many others whom we love in Korah.  So many relationships are developing as I have hockey bags full of cards, notes and gifts from so many people of all ages from so many places, connecting and caring for the people in Korah.

This will be a full trip as there are many families to visit in their new homes, in addition to the new kindergarten class we have begun with Great Hope Charities at the Children's Shelter, the Berta Breakfast Program, the newly hired after-school tutor and the list goes on... we will see how it all unfolds as TIA - This is Africa!  And I am excited and grateful to be heading back.

In the past I have found it challenging to post blogs from Ethiopia, but I am still hoping that I may be able to post some.  However the majority of my communication will be on our 'Hope for Korah' Facebook page... If you would like to follow along and see how things unfold, please go to our Hope for Korah Facebook page and 'like' us!  Here is the link:  (You do not have to have Facebook to access this page!)

Thank you to so many who have been supporting and praying for Korah.  What a blessing you are to these beautiful people - and what a blessing they are to us!!  

God is good -  I'm off to the airport!! Chao!!


  1. Go with God. I know he has given you this ministry and the passion for it. I am so blessed to be part by prayer and "infrastructure."


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